Sunset over Venice and the palaces of the grand canal
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Travel Inspiration

Find the inspiration for your next luxury vacation



Crafting the perfect bespoke travel experience, a tour or a sabbatical takes time and dedication because you are at the centre of it all.

We may be the ones creating your vacation but in reality, it is all inspired by you.


So let your imagination fly and forget what you believe is possible. We can create an exquisitely unique itinerary for you and your loved ones for as long as you desire and open for you our exclusive black book of top A-list individuals. Follow in the footprints of a famous artist or a King, access the finest and most secretive cultural places, meet with incredible experts and celebrities, dine in breathtaking venues and so much more.


Let our expertise of the Art World take you where no one else can and embark on a journey of wonder for the most elegant and exciting travel experiences.

Open the doors to secret art collections and countless reserves of great museums


A peek into some past creations to inspire you for your next vacation

Discover the secrets of Prague


Discover some of our current and future projects from which you can be inspired

More than just travelling

Because travelling with meaning allows us to get more from our vacation than just pleasant moments. It gives us everlasting memories

Sevilla - Plaza de España. One of the main landmarks of the city you must visit
Restoration of a baroque masterpiece



We believe there is no higher luxury than being able to make a difference. 


Each one of Ariodante's Heritage Experiences contributes to preserving our incredible artistic treasures for future generations and allow those cultural institutions to show those treasures to a wider public.




Nature is, undoubtedly the epitome of art and the richest source of inspiration for artists through history. It is where elements and colours are perfectly combined, blended and mixed with the utmost perfection.


This is the masterpiece we want to show you. From the majestic deserts of ice in the North Pole to the last enchanting clear rivers in Europe. We support many conservation and scientific projects, and in so doing, we help to undo the damage caused over decades.



We ensure travelling becomes an outstanding and luxurious cultural adventure. Travel across regions and countries following the life and work of an artist or an historical figure. Dive into history and culture as if you were in the middle of an extraordinary documentary. Only at Ariodante, is it all for you.


With each of our luxurious Cultural Tours, you will not only have private access to museums and palaces, but also the doors to secret places will be open to you, dine surrounded by artwork and meet outstanding experts, artists or even a direct relative of an historical figure.



Whether you are looking to travel for a month, a year or even more to explore the World in the most meaningful way possible, we will ensure your journey becomes an extraordinary and everlasting memory. 


A trip of gigantic proportions to experience the past and present. It will change the way you see the World and all its wonders.

Embark of the most luxurious murder mystery vacation on board of the Orient Express and solve one of Agatha Christie's mysteries between Paris and the French Riviera

Luxury Games & Adventures

From fully immersive games through time and incredible historical adventures to the most exhilarating and immersive Escape Games.

Your next incredible vacation starts today

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