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Imagine being in the immensity of space, above our world, looking down to Earth. Imagine you could see our blue planet from the windows of the International Space Station...
Why imagine when you could live it?



There are incredible adventures that can be done, but there's one above all others humanity has dreamt for thousands of years that today is in our grasp. It is space travel.​

"There's no way to anticipate the emotional impact of leaving your home planet. You look down at Earth and realise: You're not on it. It's breathtaking. It's surreal".

Astronaut Marsha Ivins

Space Travel - NASA
Space Travel
Space Travel

Those who travel to space recount undergoing a fundamental cognitive shift. Viewing our home planet from the grander vantage point of the cosmos within which it is suspended, protected by a thin and wispy atmosphere, effects a transcendent experience that has been termed ‘the Overview Effect.’ Astronauts return from space changed, with a renewed perspective on humanity that remains with them the rest of their lives. The trip awakens something that feels primordial and eternal.

It’s an extraordinary journey, perhaps the most extraordinary of them all. An incredible life-changing experience very few humans have had the privilege to have. 

Today this dream is in your grasp as Ariodante is one of the very few agencies in the world capable of achieving this exploit. Whenever you want to embark on a ten-day journey to the International Space Station (ISS) in orbit around the Earth to take part in the researches the world’s best scientists are carrying there, or travel around the moon, or even be the first civilian in history to ever do a spacewalk, we can make this and so much more happen.

A journey of impossibles and wonder. A journey beyond what’s known in the infinity of space.

Space Travel
Space Travel


A few years ago, space travel was just a dream, but now it's a reality you can access through Ariodante. 

Of course, reaching space isn't an easy task, and your journey will start a year before your mission is scheduled to launch. A year of training with NASA to become an astronaut and prepare yourself to spend ten days in the International Space Station (ISS).

And if you dream of going even further, we can take you on a trip around the moon or, why not, give you the chance of becoming the first civilian in history to perform a spacewalk.

Space Travel Ariodante Luxury


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