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Image by Ryan De Hamer
Ariodante Travel Luxury


Classic Cars

A one-of-a-kind, ten-day vacation created for a wealthy classic car enthusiast and some of his friends, mixing iconic roads, majestic scenery, a collection of cars, and exclusive art.

Ariodante Travel Luxury


It all started when we facilitated the purchase of a magnificent multimillion dollar car from 1964 for one of our first members. He wanted to have an extraordinary road trip to enjoy his new gem with some of his friends.

So, we decided to ship this car (and several more) to Monaco to start a fun and memorable rally, recreating the iconic Monte-Carlo Rally, and mixing in some lesser-known cultural landmarks in the French Riviera.

Image by Liza Uleksina Ariodante Travel Luxury
Car Luxury

For this road trip, we had a very simple brief. Our member told us he wanted to have fun with his friends, drive his new car, and discover new places. That was all. We needed to amaze him--and his wife (who doesn't entirely share his passion for cars); not an easy task. 


First, we decided to create a true 'money can’t buy' experience, where the group could privately enjoy some of the iconic roads of the Monte-Carlo Rally, and even race to feel the thrill of the pilots. We created several artistic stops along the way in the French Riviera with some incredible scenery. Finally, we needed to add some extraordinary events along the way.


All that wrapped in discrete luxury to achieve a sense of effortlessness despite the complexity of the logistics we had to put in place. 



The rally started in Monaco, where the group discovered their classic cars parked in front of the Casino on the morning of the first day. There, they met with a legendary F1 champion who guided them during the first three days. We then drove north through famous landmarks like the Col de Turini and the Col de la Bonette, and explored the region by visiting some incredible places, such as the fortifications of the Maginot line (where we organised a Chrono-race), baroque churches, medieval villages, and abbeys.


Our second day began with three helicopters flying the group over the Mercantour National Park and landing close to one of the largest petroglyph sites in Europe. We spent the morning hiking there, guided by two renowned archaeologists searching for the Sorcerer of the Valley. The day ended back to the Rivera with a sumptuous historical dining experience in one of the most beautiful villas of the region. 


We then spent three days driving west through the Riviera and Provence, discovering the Cistercians Abbeys of the region, and several modern and contemporary art sites, including meeting with one of France's leading artists who gave us exclusive access to his property and his workshop.

Ariodante Luxurious Cars
Image by Rishi Jhajharia Monaco Rallye


Creating this rally meant months of careful logistical planning.


The trip involved several helicopters, two yachts, a nine-person film crew, three photographers, three drones, seven support vehicles, three lories to transport the cars, a cargo plane to ship the cars, four jeeps, several police officers to close the roads, two three-star Michelin chefs and their staff, and a team of 20 people constantly working in the shadows making sure every detail was perfect. 

In the end, everything seemed simple and effortless, and the group was so happy they decided to start planning their next road trip, this time with hypercars in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. It’ll be a trip to learn to drive F1 cars and try new incredible sports cars. But that's a whole different adventure we’re now about to deliver.

French Riviera
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