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Join a select ultra-luxury travel club for ultra-affluent and likeminded people



While most concierge services focus on providing services for many clients, we work for a selected few. While others simply take requests, we create dreams with the goal of surpassing your expectations.

This is why only our members enjoy the privilege of having at their disposal a team of great dream-makers  capable of creating the most astounding travel experiences and tours such as spending a night in a glass suite at the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, or a private dining experience on the stage of a famous opera house, along with the lead artists, or a private concert in the Sistine Chapel with the Pope, or, for the most intrepid, an incredible  trip to the International Space Station.

In short, a membership club capable to make your dreams come true with all the luxury you deserve.

Details of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles


For us, a travel experience, a tour or a sabbatical is a piece of art that need to be crafted in detail by the hands of highly skilled professionals. This is how we can achieve incredible, meaningful and absolutely exclusive trips that surpass our clients expectations. But to achieve perfection we also need to really know each person traveling so we can anticipate their needs.


For these reasons, we have created a highly exclusive club for a handful selected likeminded individuals and families. A club for culture and art lovers with a passion for travel. A club for those wanting to live their dreams instead of traveling like everybody else.



Although anyone can still have access to our basic travel experiences only once, we reserve all the real privileges and our outstanding experiences for our members.

For new clients, we treat requests on a first-come-first-served basis. This is why, when we can accept a new client, we are usually unable to start creating anything in less than three months. 


Our members, on the other hand, enjoy not only unlimited access to our most luxurious and exclusive services but they have a dedicate team at their entire disposal capable of taking any request they have at any time.


Each member’s dedicate account manager is there 24/7 to assist and to coordinate every single aspect of each trip so our members and their loved ones can simply relax and enjoy their trip without needing to worry about anything. Their account manager is there to take care of everything, from the moment they place a request to when they return home.

On top of this, members enjoy a full Lifestyle concierge service, receive bespoke travel suggestion created for them all over the year and have access to several special interest clubs and discreet service providers for the international elite.

Le Louvre - Paris - Image by Daniel Gregoire

Looking for Inspiration

Discover some of our past experiences, tours and some upcoming and future projects so you can have a better idea of what we can create for your next vacation


If you would like to apply to become one of Ariodante's Exclusive Elite Members, we would be delighted to arrange an informal chat to get to know you and to better understand your desires.


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We will reply within 24 hours by email with the details and the instructions on how to join.


Please bear in mind we keep the number of members to a minimum to be able to maintain the highest standards possible.