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In a constantly moving World, where what seems to matter is speed and efficiency, we want to give our members time, wonder and quality moments to share with their loved ones while travelling with us, away from all material considerations.


Our aim is to work for just a handful of like-minded people. In order to give them the best of travel, we have created a ‘members-only’ club with two membership levels fitting every personal need.

Whether you are an occasional or frequent traveller with a desire for the height of luxury, we have a membership level especially designed for you.


While most concierge services focus on providing services for many clients, we work for a selected few. While others simply take requests, we create dreams with the goal of surpassing our members' expectations.


As each one of our travel experiences is unique, we have created a special membership program with two different levels so you can not only have preferential access to our services, but most of all to enjoy the best of what we can do.


Although anyone can have access to our exclusive experiences once, we treat requests on a first come first served basis and are usually unable to create something in less than three weeks (or more, depending on the complexity of the experience or tour). 


However, our members have unlimited access to all our services and we reserve them the most exclusive deals we can negotiate with our multiple partners (luxury cars, private jets, Michelin star chefs, luxury hotels and so much more).


If you travel less than 4 times a year

Travelling occasionally doesn't mean you are not entitled to the best. This is why we have created our Entry Level membership, to give you the best, only when you need it.


As one of our members, you will have absolute priority, above all our regular clients, and you will enjoy unlimited access to all of our travel experience services.


Whether you travel alone or with your loved ones, our team will take care of everything so you can simply sit back and enjoy the experiences we have created for you.


Unlimited and priority access to all our services


Referral program with benefits for friends and family.


A dedicated Travel Expert and Host for each trip.


Savings in creation fees and bookings


Bespoke travel suggestions

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Looking for Inspiration

Discover some of our past experiences, tours and some upcoming and future projects so you can have a better idea of what we can create for your next vacation


If you would like to apply to become one of Ariodante's Exclusive Elite Members, we would be delighted to arrange an informal chat to get to know you and to better understand your desires.


Please, click HERE to complete our application form.

We will reply within 24 hours by email with the details and the instructions on how to join.


Please bear in mind we keep the number of members to a minimum to be able to maintain the highest standards possible.

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