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 Ariodante Travel Luxury


Spy Game

Imagine you are trapped in an all-action thriller spy movie, with the only way out is to stop an international plot or save someone you love? Can you handle the adrenaline rush while being chased not knowing what's real and what isn't?

Ariodante Travel Luxury


Inspired by the scenario of the 1997 thriller "The Game" (David Fincher), John le Carré's novels, our team created the most incredibly immersive escape game ever created, where reality and fiction merge before your eyes.


Created by a team of game designers, special effects experts, stuntmen, and screenwriters, this gigantic immersive game created exclusively for you will make you live a thrilling (and sometimes scary) adventure you will never forget.

Image by Thibaut Nagorny

As you can imagine, all about this Ultimate Spy Game is top secret. You'll never know when it starts, how it starts, where it starts, or even your mission. Once you sign, we will assemble the right team. Then, at some point, we will carry on several tests on each participant (physical, psychological, etc.) to design the right game, the right plot, and choose the right level of adrenaline.


Planning an immersive spy game of this magnitude can take more than a year and requires hundreds of people, from actors, stunt experts, local authorities, security personnel, and countless other professionals working in the shadows (without mentioning all the things we'll be blowing up during the game). When the game finally begins (without you knowing), all our team will be anticipating your every move, adapting everything in real-time based on your decisions. This is why the complexity of this game is so great.


Of course, we won't give you any guidelines, any rules, or even any advice. You will be on your own, discovering your mission as the game unfolds and deciding what to do based on the situations occurring. Perhaps you'll have to infiltrate a crime syndicate, help an MI6 agent stop a terrorist plot, halt an arms dealer from selling some missiles, etc. The options are limitless and, as your game might last a few days or several months, it's impossible to know where it all ends. Indeed, as you won't know when the game starts, maybe you'll be playing without knowing way before you realise you are already in the middle of your game.


The question is: will you be brave enough to sign for our Ultimate Spy Game and succeed in a mission you know nothing about? Will you have the guts to be involved in a car chase (or planes) where anything could go wrong in a blink of an eye? Will you have what it takes to become a real spy without knowing anything about what might happen or when or how it will all end? 

Deep Stare
Ariodante Travel Luxury
Image by Marcel Ardivan


The word "immersion" has never been more accurate than in this game designed to bring reality into fiction... or perhaps it is reality that we will be turning into fiction. The only way to know for sure it's to play.

This is a spy game like you will never see. 

Here, a team of experts will create a world where everything can happen at any moment. A world in which every possible outcome will be meticulously planned and executed without you even knowing it was all planned. Reality and fiction will blend to become your new reality.

And to make this impossible possible, we will start with a complex physical and psychological assessment to know how much adrenaline you can handle because our goal is to turn your world upside down. 

Image by Luiz Guimaraes


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