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 Ariodante Travel Luxury



An extraordinary vacation specially created for an influential art collector to discover the life and work of Pablo Picasso from a different perspective.

 Ariodante Travel Luxury


When we started creating this Picasso vacation for a couple of art collectors who love and own several Picassos, we knew we would have to find ways to dazzle them and show them something truly unique, something capable of transforming the trip into a once-in-a-lifetime memory. 
Before pitching the idea to our member, we spent several weeks working with several experts and art historians to find the right experiences and itinerary. Once we spoke with him, he immediately loved our draft and asked us to take care of everything and transform it into a surprise gift for his wife. 

Image by Henrique Ferreira


The vacation we delivered had the objective of rediscovering Picasso (or we should say: all Picassos), his life and work, his influences, and how he revolutionised art. 


Our trip started in Paris, where most 20th-century artists sojourned at least once, and where Pablo Picasso remained at the centre of its cultural scene from 1900 until he left indefinitely for the Riviera in 1967.


There, we first focused on the young Picasso who arrived in Paris in 1900 and his friendship with Max Jacob, a young journalist and poet who helped Pablo learn French and with whom he shared an apartment (Max sleeping at night while Pablo was working). Then we explored his Blue and Rose Period, the African and Primitivism, and the Cubism and how he gained fame helped by Leo and Gertrude Stein until his wedding in 1918 with the ballerina Olga Khokhlova.


The second part of our Parisian stop focused on Picasso's friendships, collaborations, and some artists who influenced him and those he influenced, such as Henry Matisse, Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Fernand Léger and Alberto Giacometti. One of the highlights of these days in Paris involved ballet, music, and fashion. We discovered Picasso's work for Diaghilev and his collaborations with Erik Satie, Igor Stravinsky, Jean Cocteau, and even his friendship with Coco Chanel. 


On our last day in Paris and before flying to Nice, we organised a surprise lunch (prepared by a Chef awarded more than 15 Michelin stars) with a member of Picasso's family as a guest in the ballroom where he got married.


In the French Riviera, we visited two private collections and several landmarks of Picasso's life, including Dora Maar's house and the War & Peace chapel in Vallauris. During our stay in the French Riviera, we also created some experiences focusing on the special relationship between Picasso and Matisse.


After the Riviera, we sailed to Barcelona on a superyacht to discover Picasso's early years and his Blue Period with a beautiful private visit to the Museu Picasso and explored the city and the landmarks he loved. Then we flew to Malaga, Picasso's birthplace, and then reached Madrid.

In Madrid, we looked into Picasso's years as a Royal Fine Arts Academy student and then as director of this prestigious institution before organising an extraordinary private visit to the Reina Sofia Museum to see the Guernica.

Picasso painting the Guernica
Picasso Portrait of Dora Maar
Antibes Picasso museum


For this trip, our team created countless experiences in France and Spain during this ten-day trip, including several private visits to museums, accessing off-limit museum reserves, opening two private collections, and opening several historical places that never open to the public. 


We also arranged for this couple to meet with some of Picasso's world's best experts, several leading art historians and artists, and most of all, several first-eye wittiness who knew Picasso well to share their memories of this extraordinary artist, including members of his family.

Picasso Chapel Vallauris

The Mystery of Leonardo Da Vinci

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