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Travel the impossible
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Of the World

The most extraordinary and intrepid expedition we've ever imagined to push back the limits of what's possible and entirely redefine the meaning of the word "adventure".
A human odyssey where the world ends and to the unknown.

Ariodante Travel Luxury


How can one describe what hasn’t ever been done? Or even find the right words to explain what has never been attempted?

Although we might think there are no places on Earth that haven’t been discovered or explored, there is a remote and inhospitable region few people ever adventure themselves. A land of untouched wonders and breathtaking solitude no one has ever dared exploring like we do.

North of Greenland, there is a point that was recently named as the Northernmost Point on Land on Earth located 83°39′45′′N, 30°36′50′′W. A point that has never been reached by land and even less by driving.

But beyond this point... there’s unknown land under the ice waiting to be discovered.

Ariodante Travel Luxury

Making History On The Edge Of The World

When we first thought about creating a driving adventure in the northernmost parts of Greenland, we never imagined we would find ourselves redefining the meaning of adventure. The more we learned about this remote and breathtakingly majestic region, the more we loved it and wanted to push forward. Until one day, we came across the possibility of finding some undiscovered islands beyond what is known today as the northernmost point on land on Earth. That day everything changed, and it was exhilarating.

Since the day we received the photos from a reconnaissance plane we sent to see if our crazy project was feasible with a message saying only: “there is a way”, we’ve been working to find this way and turn this trip into what we aren’t shy to call “the most extraordinary human adventure of our century”. An adventure to discover a new land, yes, but primarily, an adventure to help mankind understand climate change by allowing generations of scientists to have access to a goldmine of data our expedition will gather while driving north to make history.

It is a human journey that will begin a year before the actual departure as we start preparing (crew and equipment) and building everything. An expedition of impossibles and wonders taking us beyond what’s known to discover a land no human has yet seen.

The trip itself will start six months before the actual departure with an initial trip to Iceland to see how our bespoke vehicles are being built and a first intensive course to learn to drive them on ice and snow, in conditions that are close to what we will find north of Greenland. Alongside this training, we will also undergo a Polar Survival Training to prepare ourselves.

Then, everything will start in April 2025 in London where we will host a dinner of legendary living explorers at the Natural History Museum and from there, our journey will take us to Svalbard and then to Station Nord, a military and scientific base 1,700 km north of the Arctic Circle. 

Finally, our seven-day-long driving expedition will begin with a crew of 22 and an impressive support team accompanying us. A journey through ice and snow in one of the most inhospitable regions in our planet. A journey to make history and push the boundaries of knowledge by discovering the new Northernmost Point on Land on Earth. 

Image by Annie Spratt
Tracks in Snow
Travel the impossible
Image by Andre Boysen


To achieve the impossible and plan for everything, we've put together a team of more than 120 people that will work around the clock for over 13 months using satellites, scientific data and assistance from the Danish military.

This expedition represents more than 110,000 hours of work to build all the vehicles we need, 20 days of intensive training for the crew, at least 50 days of reconnaissance and 40 days in the polar region preparing.

It is also 28,7668 km travelled by air to transport 23,600 kgs of material (cars, fuel and equipment), 6 satellites, 2 government-funded agencies involved and a team of 7 people monitoring in realtime the expedition. All that so we can make possible your 750kms journey accompanied by a crew of 22, including scientists, a polar doctor, an incredible chef and a filming crew to immortalise your achievement.

Travel the impossible

The Most Extraordinary Adventure of Mankind

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