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 Ariodante Travel Luxury



The impossible dream turned reality of witnessing and taking part in the birth of a world-leading opera production alongside the greatest classical artists.



The origin of this incredible musical adventure was a simple conversation at the American Bar of the Savoy in London around some whiskeys. 

It all started with a conversation with our founder and the clients about how an opera is created and all the steps of an opera production, from the conception to the premiere. As an experienced conductor, he explained all the steps until realising even he had never witnessed even half of the process, so he suggested why not live it instead of having it told by someone.

At first, it seemed a crazy and impossible dream, but within two weeks of the conversation, we came back to the couple with an actual plan to make it happen and even go beyond their dreams. A set of trips within a year to witness first-hand the birth of an opera production of one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world.

Image by Kazuo ota

It can sometimes take several years to create an Opera Production. Hundreds of people working together for months to make the magic happen. With this highly exclusive tour, we followed an international opera production through each step of the creative process from behind the scenes, guided by a conductor. 

We created a series of eleven different thematic trips, each lasting several days, to see how all the separate pieces of the opera production were coming together and merging to become a unified piece of art. 


We witnessed the moment the first maquette of the production was unveiled in Paris. Then, throughout the year, we met with the leading artists and attended their private rehearsals in New York, London, Amsterdam and Vienna. We spent a day with the conductor and watched him rehearse with the Berlin Philharmonic. We witnessed the set (and costumes) being built in different locations, watched the first full rehearsals and the final rehearsals before finally attending the Premiere in Paris.

At each step of our journey, we were totally immersed in the work of all the fantastic artists and craftsmen who were creating this production. And one of the "immersions" we created was meant to turn our member's childhood dream of learning and then conduct a real orchestra in a Mozart symphony (his favourite, of course).


This incredibly unique and gigantic tour was created in cooperation with two of the most renowned opera houses in Europe. It was an unforgettable experience for a family of three with the unique opportunity to witness the birth of this world-class opera production and spend some quality time with some of the world's best opera singers.

Opera performance
Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown
Opera Garnier


At first, our founder's idea was, indeed, crazy and impossible as this had never been done. 

It took us a lot of diplomacy and persuasion to be even able to partner with one of the most renowned opera theatres in the world, and then... the real challenge began.

To achieve this trip, we had to create from scratch a new "process" to be able to schedule, book and change each trip several times based on different assumptions.  That way, we could fit each trip and experience into our member's busy and changing schedule while making sure all artists were available at the correct location. An actual logistics and organisational nightmare.

In the end, we succeeded in making it all happen in a way that seemed all-natural and simple and where our members felt they had all the freedom and time in the world.

Image by Philipp Henzler
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