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 Ariodante Travel Luxury



When fashion becomes a dream and you can touch your dream with your hands. A fantastic fashion trip to explore how the magic happens while becoming part of it.



When we think about fashion, we think about glamour, runways, models and luxury brands and see ourselves as mere spectators or buyers but never as the centre of everything. So why not change this to put you in the spotlight?

With this incredible two-week-long trip, this is precisely what we did for two mothers and their four daughters. A "fashion tale of two cities" to explore the ultimate fashion (and shopping) like never before. A once in a lifetime opportunity for the girls to live their passion like they never thought possible.

Starting in London and the Paris, we opened for the group the backstages of some of the most famous and luxurious fashion brands, have them meet with renowned designers, models, photographers and journalists and, most of all, turn them into supermodels for a day.

 Ariodante Travel Luxury

It all started when the two private jets landed in London separately, and each group of mothers and daughters arrived at their hotel suite. There they found an ephemeral fairytale spa waiting for them to relax and bond after the trip in the intimacy of their own room.

From that moment on, we planned every detail of an incredibly complex trip that felt effortless and spontaneous for the mothers and daughters. With unique cultural experiences linked with Royalty and contemporary art in London and tradition and ballet in Paris, and incredible private shopping experiences (even during the day in countless Parisian boutiques), every step of the trip was part of an emotional building up culminating in several incredible moments.

As fashion is, by essence, living art that changes season after season, we wanted to open the doors to the magic behind everything for the group. We chose their favourite British and French luxury brands and then took them to meet with the creators, discover the history of the brand and the people behind everything with exceptional secretive visits to these brands workshops. With one brand, we saw the house of the founders' family and had lunch with the last direct descendent of the family.

With another, we saw the secretive original sketches made for some iconic pieces, and with another, we created a unique Haute Couture experience for all the group to commission a bespoke piece. In total, we visited the backstage of four different famous brands and each visit was more fabulous than the previous one. All with the same ending, a boutique entirely closed for them to enjoy and get dressed by the brand's stylists, the designers and in one shop, one of the most famous current supermodels.

Then, we arranged for an extraordinary meeting with one of the most incredible shoemakers alive (he came to London especially for us) and commissioned entirely bespoke heels for the girls. 

But the real incredible experiences we crafted for this trip were all even more meaningful and extraordinary. First of all, we created a whole private fashion show in the apartment of an art collector. We brought for the occasion four of the most talented young fashion designers in the world to show their creations, a renowned fashion journalist and one of the most famous fashion designers alive to be the hosts and explain why those designers are the future of fashion. 

Last, we created a whole day experience in a privately owned palace in London for the girls to become supermodels. With one of the most renowned fashion photographers, we took "Vogue Cover Style" photos of them dressed for the occasion by famous brands while having an actual supermodel as their tutor for the day.

Image by Duane Mendes
Haute Couture Dior
Haute Couture workshop


For this trip, everything had to look simple and spontaneous and to make that happen and give the group total freedom, we had to plan everything down to the smallest detail with a small "army of logistics" working around the clock in the shadows.

Every boutique we visited had a security detail per vehicle and a team taking care of all the purchases to make them disappear and reappear in the suite wardrobe just hours later. For each backstage visit, we planned everything taking into consideration each person's taste. For each guest, we put together a team to assist them.

In total, we spent more than five months planning with 37 people mobilised during the trip without counting the guests and guides. This is how complex magic is.

Louis Vuitton
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