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On Earth

There are some places in the world that defy the imagination. Majestic places where nature we can't even imagine exist in our world. 

Ariodante Travel Luxury


There is an incredible place in Vietnam, near the Laos border, that defies the imagination and seem created from scratch in a Hollywood studio. It is a gigantic cave formed between 2 and 5 million years ago. A cave so large the Empire State Building could easily fit inside. Discovered by a local man in 1991 while searching for agarwood (a valuable timber), and since then, scientists and explorers have tried to discover the secrets of what is believed is the world's largest cave.

The expedition we created to discover the region included several countries but was centred on exploring this fantastic cave alongside some biologists.

Image by Yosi Bitran
The Lake to The Great Wall of Viet Nam

For one of our members wanting to embark on an incredible bonding trip with his sons, we created a two weeks awe-inspiring adventure to Mainland South Asia, mixing culture, arts, archaeology, jungle exploration and, most of all, discover the largest cave on Earth.


Our adventure started in Jakarta with a trip to the archaeological site of Sangiran, one of the most important sites in the world for studying fossil man. From there, we flew to Cambodia for an incredible visit, away from the crowds to several temples of the Khmer Empire, among them the famous Angkor Was, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm.


After Cambodia, we headed to Vietnam to enjoy some relaxing days in Da Nang before starting the actual adventurous part of the trip in central Vietnam. Our helicopter landed in the middle of the jungle, and, from there, accompanied by a large team carrying all the equipment needed, we headed to explore the world’s largest cave discovered only in 1991.


After four days trek that took us through the 5.6 miles long cave up to the Great Wall of Vietnam, where very few have ever been (fewer people have visited this cave than the South Pole), we went back to the coast to sail to the Ha Long Bay on board of a luxurious wooden Indonesian sailing yacht. A cruise to relax after a challenging adventure before heading back to New York.

Image by Lukasz Saczek


When we started imagining this bonding trip for a father and his two sons in Asia, we wanted to create meaningful experiences for them to share some incredible and meaningful moments together.

With a team of specialists and adventurers, we started by scouting the region to find the right places and activities. We split the team to cover as much ground as possible and explored every corner of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. 

Then we had to solve all the logistical issues to give the group a sense of total freedom and spontaneity despite everything being meticulously planned to ensure their comfort and security. After all, we wanted them to have as much fun as possible during this cultural and natural adventure. 

Image by Warren Wong
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