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Tintin and Alph-Art, an extraordinary immersive adventure
 Ariodante Travel Luxury


Mystery Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of being inside a movie, solving a mystery alongside your favourite hero? Well, this incredible immersive adventure did just that.



We used Hergé's last unfinished book Tintin and Alph-Art as the starting point of the plot on an intrepid (and epic) several week long immersive adventure for a family of four. An adventure like no other that had them visit several countries and embark on countless adventures in the hope of finally dismantling Roberto Rastapopoulos' criminal empire and save Tintin's friend Bianca Castafiore from bankruptcy.

Through an incredible journey through the art world (and mostly the world of art thefts, criminals and counterfeiters), we investigated alongside Tintin and Snowy in several countries and found ways to stop Rastapopoulos' plans.


A fully immersive adventure means you don't know when, where or how everything starts. Then, you don't know what will happen along the way or even how things will turn out (or even end). It means a real adventure that you will discover step by step, and where nothing seems planned. The only thing you know is... that at some point, you might be travelling somewhere... or maybe not even that.

Our adventure started on a normal day in a normal place with a normal encounter... Oh, wait, no, it wasn't at all normal because that day, at that place, that person said something or showed you something that led you and your family to chase a notorious criminal that was presumed dead all over the world. On that "normal day" in that "normal place", a cascade of events started without you even knowing what was happening and led you to an abandoned factory where Tintin was held captive and about to be turned into a living sculpture by one of Rastapopoulos minions. 

It turns out Tintin was investigating the murder of Henri Fourcat, a gallery owner and art dealer that recently sold a piece to his friend, Captain Haddock and who died in a suspicious car accident just before meeting with Tintin. Then, during his investigation, Tintin was stunned and woke up in that factory tied up while Snowy disappeared. 

From that point on, the family embarked alongside Tintin and Snowy on an incredible adventure full of mysteries, clues and villains that took them through several continents and had them meet with Tintin's friends. A quest of epic proportions mixing fiction and reality, action and mystery to explore the contemporary art world, ancient secret sites and treasures with incredible fictional characters we brought back to life. 

Image by Juli Kosolapova


Creating and then planning for this trip has been one of our biggest (and fun) challenges. It involved months of carefully planning with screenwriters and experts in murder mysteries and treasure hunts. 


The first challenge we faced was creating a plot based on Tintin and Alph-Art that uses elements of several other adventures, and that's completely new to surprise the family. Then we had to organise a discreet casting worldwide to find the right actors that looked like all Hergé's characters and train our Snowy to be the perfect "detective Wire Fox Terrier".


Then we needed to create all the special effects, stunts and bring together a team of dozens of actors scattered across multiple locations. And last, we had to put in place alternative storylines in case the family misses a clue or goes in the wrong direction.


The rest was simple. All we had to do was have two private jets always on hold, a replica of a Corsair ship of the 18th century, build a shark-submarine and prevent Professor Calculus from making everything explode or Thompson and Thompson from letting a villain escape. 

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