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Ariodante Travel



Beyond Luxury

Let us take you on the journey of a lifetime that will change the way you travel and see the world. A journey to uncover secrets and extraordinary people while giving you back time to pause, to wander and wonder. A personal journey to write your own adventure story, realise dreams and make long-lasting memories.



Luxury is about comfort, but alchemy is about magic. We exist because you want more from your travel experience. This isn’t about booking a luxury experience, it’s about travelling your world and creating a travel adventure that’s truly unique to you.

 Tailored Travel Experiences
Michelangelo's Demons  Tailored Travel Experiences
Ultra luxury travel agency


You will Never Forget

There are as many ways to travel as there are travellers and, when we know how to look in detail, each destination offers limitless possibilities depending on how we choose to explore it and with whom we chose to do it. That’s why we carefully combine six important elements for each and every adventure we create.

Most luxurious vacations


( Your all-access pass to the world )

Everything we do is about immersion, not tourism. It's about understanding each person travelling with us and tapping into their interests and passions to create unique and memorable trips you never thought were even possible.

While culture in general and art in particular have been a strong focus from the outset, Ariodante has evolved to offer an array of one-off experiences (often combined with meeting

illustrious individuals), surprising superyacht cruises, extended sabbaticals, intrepid explorations, and voyages with a conservation edge and/or a philanthropic dimension.

From a private concert of a legendary classical artist with the Pope as a guest, an incredible visit of a nuclear submarine with the commander of the fleet, having lunch with a Head of State, an adventure to break a world record or accessing secretive places that are known to be off-limits for anyone, the only limit is our endless imagination.

Money Can't Buy Experiences
Most luxurious vacations


( Travelling without any limitation )

If travelling allows us to see the World in a new light, then removing all travel limitations makes it magical. It transforms us in ways that are not always apparent until we return home.

Whether you have a month, six months or more than a year, embarking on a luxury sabbatical with us is a life-changing experience. It is not just about places on a map but about learning and self-enrichment.

Based on your wishes, we will create an extraordinary trip that could take you to explore Latin America in the footsteps of the Spanish Conquistadors, or follow Marco Polo on his journeys through Asia or even see all the African migrations.

As always, our sabbatical vacations are meticulously planned, so you can make the most of your trip without worry. From sending your wardrobe in advance to any location, to meeting with some of the best experts for a cup of tea in incredible places, our team will be there, ensuring you have the time of your life.

Life-Changing Sabbaticals
Bespoke Superyachts Vacations in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean with Ariodante Travel


( Cruising the Oceans on a Superyacht )

What if we could transform your superyacht into a vessel of incredible adventures with countless experiences that will show you a whole new way of yachting without limitations? 


As pushing the boundaries of what's possible has always been at the heart of our raison d'être, we use the same holistic approach when creating yachting experiences or entire cruises to both popular and remote destinations. Simply this time, we work closely with the yacht's captain and the crew to ensure we preempt every detail.


Whether you want to enjoy some inspiring experiences in a particular region of the world, take part in a scientific or archaeological mission to explore the oceans, embark on a thrilling immersive game or have an entire cruise onboard your superyacht, there is a world of infinite possibilities waiting for you beyond traditional yachting.

Experiential Yachting
Orient Express Immersive luxurious games


( Pushing the Boundaries of Reality )

Travel can also become an incredible and immersive adventure where you become the hero and travel the world to solve mysteries, uncover treasures, or even save the world from a villain from an action movie.

All the immersive games we meticulously create allow you to jump from the back seat into the driver's seat, and they often start without you even knowing it. 

You could be taken back in time to the Roaring Twenties for a luxurious immersive murder mystery onboard of the legendary Orient Express to become the new Hercule Poirot, or find yourself dragged into a fantastic adventure alongside Tintin that will take you to incredible places around the world. An for those wanting a real adrenaline rush, we could take you into the Ultimate Immersive Spy Game ever imagined.

Immersive Luxurious Games
Opus Club
Finest Gastronomic Club


( Coming Soon )

Mixing the best of travel with the world’s best chefs is something we’ve been doing for some time now. In 2023 we will be officially launching a secretive club for discerning travellers passionate about food to take them every year on several of the best gastronomic experiences ever imagined. Each experience designed for a limited number of selected guests will pair an outstanding chef (or several) with a destination, a magical place or venue and a illustrious guest.

From a sumptuous black-tie evening in a Royal Palace in Europe for a meal prepared by several Michelin starred chefs, a confidential dinner in the Colosseum in Rome or in a Pyramid in Egypt to an incredible gastronomic lunch on an iceberg, each one of these one-off exclusive events will be an unforgettable moment and a chance to meet some other like-minded members and guests.

So what’s the secret? Where’s the magic? Just how can we make the impossible possible?


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