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The luxury of a vacation on a private yacht

What could be more relaxing and luxurious other than a beautiful yacht to enjoy the Mediterranean? From the Costa del Sol in Spain, the French Riviera and the Amalfi coast in Italy, or perhaps the Greek magical islands and the Adriatic treasures of Croatia or Venice. A vacation with all the freedom you deserve and the beauty of the ocean, always a few miles away from a wonderful location for you to explore, and all that, with a service second to none.

Let us show you a bit what it looks like and most of all, what you could be doing this summer, this autumn, or in winter.

Upon landing at your initial destination, your chauffeur will be there to drive you to your yacht where all the crew will be waiting for you on deck. Your vacation can finally start. A vacation where your only worry will be to relax and enjoy as everything else will be taken care off.

Luxury yachts come in many shapes and mostly size. From a small intimate yacht to a magnificent superyacht with more amenities than the best luxury hotel on earth. Although some people only want the biggest and the better, we believe the best way to choose the right yacht is firstly by knowing what you want to do and where you want to go. But that’s a detail you shouldn't really bother with and instead, leave us that burden and simply chose the one you like among a curated selection we will show you.

We believe what really matters is the service you will get on board and for that, we will also take care of everything so, you can relax and let the crew (and us) take care of you.

As we only work with the best, your yacht crew will always be personable, discreet, well-trained and used to take care of the smallest details. They will adapt to your desired style of service, whether that is formal and refined or a more relaxed family atmosphere. From your slippers waiting for you on deck as you arrive and the newspaper you like laid out at your breakfast table next to a perfect cup of coffee or tea prepared just the way you like, to some delicious cocktails appearing as if out of nowhere accompanied by the right snacks you like or delicate canapés when you are relaxing on deck as the sun sets.

As you reach one of your stops like Malaga, Saint-Tropez, Antibes, Monaco, Genoa, Portofino or Santorini, one of our hosts will be there greeting you and the chauffeur will drive you where you need.

Indeed, the best part of having a private luxury yacht for your vacation is the great diversity of place you can visit without the feeling to be even travelling. You just wake up and find yourself within a few miles of reaching a new destination with countless extraordinary new travel experiences for you to enjoy.

When reaching Malaga in the Costa del Sol, for example, we could create for you an exclusive Picasso experience to discover the artist’s birthplace and his early works with an exclusive private visit to the Picasso Museum. Or we could arrange a helicopter trip to Granada for an early morning or an evening private visit of the sumptuous Alhambra. A rare opportunity to visit this incredible palace and fortress complex described by Moorish poets as “a pearl set in emeralds” away from the crowds so you can feel “at home” in this unique artistic marvel.

In the French Riviera, we could create for you an incredible and exquisite dining experience with a Michelin Star chef in what we believe is the most beautiful villa of the region, the Villa Kerylos which is now a French National Monument. While the villa is open to the public for visit during the day, we could easily close it for you and your family to dine there, a privilege reserved only to few Heads of State (the last president dining there was Xi Jinping when he was on a State Visit to France and President Emmanuel Macron organised for him a banquet at the Villa Kerylos).

Perhaps you would prefer to discover the Mercantour National Park north of Nice and explore the wolves reserve to feed them or taking care of the rare prehistoric Przewalski horse and buffaloes in a gigantic wildlife reserve. If not, you could also enjoy a one or two days-long experience to discover the largest open-air site of Bronze Age petroglyphs in the Valley of Marvels guided by an archaeologist with a bespoke cultural and hicking experience created exclusively for you.

If you love classic cars, we could take you through the legendary Monte Carlo Rally routes driving beautiful vintage cars or for art fans explore Matisse’s life and work by visiting his museum privately and many other sites such as the chapel he painted in Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

As you can see, there are endless things to explore and discover all over the Mediterranean and there isn’t really a better way to do this than planning a vacation of more than a week on board of a luxury yacht. A luxury that isn’t as expensive as one might think. Thanks to our partners and mainly OceanEscape Yachts, we are able to charter for you all sort of yachts. From intimate yachts suitable for a couple in search of a romantic escape to an outstanding superyacht to cruise for several weeks the Mediterranean with all your family.

So why not start planning as of today your next yacht vacation in the Mediterranean? A luxurious and fully bespoke trip to discover Europe’s treasures with all the flexibility you need. Yes, you're right, this is the perfect time to start planning so we can then activate your vacation as soon as it is safe to travel again or simply when you decide it.

To find out more about our partners TJB Superyacts and OceanEscape Yachts please visit their website:TJB - OCEANESCAPE YACHTS

If you want to schedule a call with one of our Senior Travel Advisors to start planning your next vacation on a luxury yacht: BOOK YOUR CALL WITH A TRAVEL ADVISOR


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