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Ariodante, in partnership with VistaJet

Having the freedom to fly everywhere, anytime using the luxury fleet of an award-winning global private aviation company makes perfect sense. It will allow us to do even more and take our members beyond their dreams.

We are delighted to announce that VistaJet is now our global preferred aviation partner. We will be combining our synergies to create even more incredible adventures and give an even better service to our members when they fly.

Because we believe in excellency and continuously raise the bar as high as we can, we are pleased to join forces with the company having the highest standards in the aviation industry and a company that shares our values and commitments.

With this partnership, we will now have an even better flying experience for our members as their modern fleet and outstanding individualised service will allow us to integrate flights into our immersive bespoke adventures. Now, instead of using private jets as a means to reach a destination, we will be able to work hand in hand with VistaJet's team to create an entire experience onboard the jet and turn the journey into a part of your adventure.

From extensive sabbaticals across the globe, multiple-trip experiences such as witnessing the birth of an opera production or exploring the life and work of a contemporary artist, to incredible and immersive mystery games using the world as a playground, VistaJet will allow us the freedom we need to achieve the impossible.

And with VistaJet's strong commitment to sustainability and their company-wide responsible approach, we will be able to take even further our pledge to remove all single-use items in our trips and replace them with sustainable alternatives and use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to directly reduce our carbon emissions.

About VistaJet

VistaJet is the first and only global private aviation company and Ariodante's most trusted business jet provider. Founded in 2004, the company owns a global fleet of silver and red business jets, and flies corporations, governments and private clients to 187 countries, covering 96% of the world.

VistaJet's stringent safety standards are recognised globally. The company is the first in the industry to be awarded the Diamond Safety of Flight Award by the European Business Aviation Association, and is certified with the ARGUS International Platinum rating, Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO.

All cabin hostesses are trained by the British Butler Institute, Norland College and Wine & Spirit Education Trust, ensuring you and your guests enjoy unrivalled service standards on every flight.

Available 24/7 around the world, a dedicated team comprising over 1,200 aviation experts of 60 nationalities is based in London, Dubai, New York, Hong Kong, Malta, Miami and Nice to make every flight unique.


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