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Is 'Bespoke' the Pinnacle of Luxury Travel?

When we think of luxury bespoke travel, we imagine a trip that’s tailored to our every whim and that will allow us to access everything as we want. We imagine ourselves pampered as we deserve and being able to have the best of everything at all times, but is this really the pinnacle of travel and do we really get something that’s as unique as we are as individuals? After all, the fundamental question remains - how can we ask for something we don't even know exists for a travel agent to “tailor” our trip?

Travel beyond luxury with the privilege of billionaires

The word “bespoke” originates from the tailoring industry and implies a high degree of craftsmanship and customisation. A bespoke suit uses the finest fabrics and is tailored to fit an individual perfectly, but it is a suit based on an existing model, not a complete creation. In the realm of travel, the same applies. Highly skilled travel advisors use their knowledge and what’s available to them to tailor a trip that will perfectly fit the traveller, but they are not creating something entirely new. The same patterns are used, as are the “fabrics”. The result is, of course, a beautiful trip, but it falls short of true creation and remains within the boundaries of what’s somehow accessible.

True travel creation goes far beyond “bespoke”. It’s an art form that removes the constraints of what’s possible as it all starts with a white canvas where anything is possible

When thinking about travel, most people focus on a destination, some activities or sightseeing, a comfortable hotel, and additional pleasures like dining at a great restaurant. Luxury Travel Agents are no different; they simply curate the right destinations, activities, luxury accommodations and everything else that are the best fit for their wealthy clients. They use their expertise and network of providers to find the right everything and assemble the pieces of a trip in the best possible way. They search for what their clients want and then ensure every provider they buy from tailors everything to their client’s desires and status. However, this traditional “bespoke approach” is constrained by the boundaries of our imagination and the realities of what is possible for even the most skilled travel advisors. Indeed, how could they bring to life things that don’t exist or even suggest something that seems contrary to what they think their client wants?

True travel creation goes far beyond “bespoke”. It’s an art form that removes the constraints of what’s possible as it all starts with a white canvas where anything is possible, as far as our imagination allows it. Travel creation resembles haute couture in fashion rather than tailoring. It is an art form that requires a deep understanding of each traveller and uses their passions, interests, and aspirations as the starting point for a creative journey that will culminate in a deliverable trip. It is pure creation rather than curation.

Billionaire travel onboard a superyacht to discover the world beyond luxury

Ariodante Travel was born from the aspirations of a handful of centi-millionaires and billionaires who sought to travel beyond what’s typically on offer, guided by the belief that true creation has no limitations or constraints. From our early days, our founder's expertise and deep understanding of these individuals’ needs revealed how little these ultra-discerning clients can actually access due to the limitations of those advising and surrounding them.

Despite their wealth, billionaires are often restricted to what their advisors can access, and these advisors, in turn, are constrained by the capabilities and imagination of their providers. This is how a billionaire ends up paying millions to charter a superyacht in the Mediterranean, visiting the same well-trodden destinations, unaware of the extraordinary possibilities he is missing. Even when he envisions something off the beaten path, it is difficult to achieve because providers are accustomed to delivering only what they know. As a result, billionaires find themselves confined by the industry's limitations and the choices made by their personal assistants. One might wonder if the uber-wealthy are, in fact, more limited than someone backpacking with no predefined itinerary.

Is true luxury just about what you can access, or is it how you can access it?

Another issue with the “bespoke approach” is the reactive nature of luxury service providers who wait for clients to articulate their desires. While this ensures satisfaction and is perfectly logical, it also means clients miss out on what they cannot even conceive. Travel advisors or concierges can’t possibly know the client would love something that hasn’t been articulated, or understand precisely how the client would prefer it to be delivered. The fundamental question of how we can request something we don’t even know exists becomes a significant limitation. Travel creation, on the other hand, is proactive rather than reactive. It’s not about curation; the creator brings forth the ideas and details of how to execute them. Suddenly, the world opens up, and constraints become opportunities ready to be explored in countless different ways. Is true luxury just about what you can access, or is it how you can access it?

Travel creation, just like art or haute couture, is a meticulous process that requires unique know-how and dedication. It is not about destinations, luxury accommodation, or even curation or recommendations. It's envisioning the unimaginable, of travelling where others have not ventured or doing it in a different, more personal way. It's the pursuit of reaching what appears unreachable by conjuring up solutions to that which seems unfeasible, and it’s being the invisible hand taking care of everything, pre-empting your every need and freeing you from constraints so your only concern will be enjoying a truly unique transformative adventure that has been created only for you.


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