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Turn the Paris Olympics into your own unique adventure

What would you say if someone could grant you access to some of the most incredible secrets Paris jealously guards, even from the ultra-wealthy, as you travel for the Olympics this summer?

There are in Paris countless things even Parisians don’t know about. Secretive places, historical hidden gems and many inaccessible treasures tourists don’t even suspect.

There are incredible stories and confidential tales all over the city we don’t even notice when visiting the city. So what if you could access all this and more with the utmost luxuries while crowds queue to visit all the popular landmarks?

The 2024 Paris Olympics with Ariodante Travel. Unlock what billionaires can't get

On July 26, a century after the last Olympics took place in Paris, what might be the most scenic and spectacular opening ceremony in the history of the Games will take place, kick-starting the XXXIII Summer Games in style. It will be an edition to remember with all the French 'panache' as the city of light used as the backdrop for many of the competitions. Indeed, when did we ever think of seeing the best athletes compete in the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, in the Grand Palais, at Les Invalides, or the Place de la Concorde, or even in Versailles?

Because a once-in-a-lifetime world-class event deserves a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Ariodante is temporarily relocating its operations to Paris from mid-February onwards, bringing along its imagination, expertise and unrivalled black book to create countless perfect travel stories for our esteemed members during the Olympics.

As we’ve been discretely working on several exclusive experiences for our members attending the Olympics, our consequent reallocation of resources to Paris now allows us the chance to extend an invitation to a select few new clients, offering them the chance to enjoy Ariodante’s magic during the games.

Private visit to the Louvre museum in Paris with Ariodante. A billionaire exclusive experience during the Paris Olympics

The keys to an unknown Paris, full of treasures and delight

Unlike luxury travel agencies, Ariodante won’t handle your travel plans, accommodation or give you access to the Olympics (although we could certainly help) as this is something we do only for our members. Instead, we can show you a Paris no one else can by crafting unique experiences to enhance your stay in the French Capital, unveiling what you probably don’t even suspect exists.

Of course, this isn’t about having a private guide to visit famous landmarks, a personal shopper to accompany you, or even Michelin-starred restaurants. We don’t deal with the ordinary luxuries available to anyone who can afford them. This is about accessing artwork never on display alongside world-renowned museum curators, viewing the most precious manuscripts and historical documents in the world, accessing the forbidden treasures of the most famous landmarks, discovering places that never open to the public, and even enjoying a wine-paired Michelin-starred meal created exclusively for you in a unique venue you never thought was even possible. Yes, this is about impossible feasts that aren’t accessible even to billionaires or royalty. It's about the real privilege money cannot buy.

A secret access to a museum in Paris during a billionaire private visit - Paris Summer Olympics

As with all our creations, these exclusive experiences are uniquely crafted for each traveller and require meticulous work and expertise. Therefore, we can’t be rushed or start a project at short notice.

As with everything we do, there's no catalogue or "ready-made options" to "choose from". Each creation is exquisitely unique and imagined for each person, just like the perfect haute couture gown that requires countless hours and several fittings

As always, it all begins with a conversation to get to know you (and those travelling with you) and your world, so we can start imagining the right ideas. We need to understand you as a person and learn about your passions, interests, aspirations, and lifestyle before we can even imagine what you could like among the endless possibilities.

If you think it is time for you to travel beyond what’s possible and don't want to miss the chance to enjoy our luxury this summer in Paris, reach out today so we can give you a peek into our world.


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