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Welcome to Ariodante's Travel Notes

We are thrilled to introduce "Travel Notes", Ariodante's exclusive travel blog where we will be sharing many of the things we discover while creating our exclusive and bespoke travel experiences through Europe.

After thinking about sharing all this with you all for many months, we are finnally doing it and hope you will enjoy reading our Travel Notes and that will make you discover new locations to visit, new artists, exibitions and so many more.

As our team creates countless unique travel experiences for our members, we want to give you a peek into our world of travel but most of all, make you discover new travel locations, new incredible places all over Europe but also some incredible artists and experts, exhibitions, concerts and great events.

So please subscribe to our Travel Notes so you won't ever miss one and follow our social media accounts: FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for even more about our bespoke luxury experiences and, if you want to follow us on LINKEDIN for more news about Ariodante please do so.

Yours sincerely,

Ricardo Araujo

Founder of Ariodante


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