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Without Limitations

Let us turn your superyacht into a vessel of extraordinary adventures to uncover countless treasures on land and at sea. Whether you charter a superyacht in the Mediterranean for a few days or embark on a magical off-grid expedition to remote lands, the world and its oceans are at your fingertips.



Although vacations on superyachts are often perceived as the ultimate luxury, we know for a fact that yachting offers countless extraordinary possibilities most don't even see. 


So instead of limiting ourselves to just anchoring your superyacht in the "milk run" of Europe and the Caribbean's chicest ports, we aim to steer you away from triviality by elevating your yachting experience and turning it into everlasting magical moments.

Image by Valentin Lacoste
Image by Pelayo Arbués


Beyond the Imagination

There is an unseen world full of wonders and treasures hidden in our planet's oceans, seas, great lakes and rivers. It's a fascinating world beyond our imagination waiting to be discovered by dream chasers who dare to travel beyond what's at hand. 

Our seas and oceans are not only "the world's biggest museum", as their deeps and coastlines contain the memory of all human civilisation, but also a cradle of life with countless living species, many of which are yet to be discovered. 


So why not use the luxurious superyachts and megayachts at our disposal to sail the unknown, live thrilling adventures, discover ancient civilisations and artistic marvels, or even be part of groundbreaking scientific expeditions alongside some of the world's greatest explorers and scientists?


This is the world we want to show you. 



( Sailing in Search of Wonders )

When creating a meaningful cruise, we think outside the box to widen the horizon of what could be achieved. We push boundaries and carefully remove all limitations to give you what we see as the pinnacle of luxury: wonder, time and freedom.


We craft every moving piece of your cruise by considering any eventuality, from weather conditions to practicalities or regulations. Then, we blend all those pieces into one or several intertwined storylines to achieve something unique that resembles you.


It could be a poetic cruise in the Mediterranean to follow Odysseus in his journey from Troy to Ithaca and meet the mythical creatures he faced, or an artistic voyage to discover Picasso's life and work, or even sailing north to explore the splendours scenery of the Arctic Circle and the North Pole. In reality, the world of possibilities is simply endless because yachting it's not about destinations. It's about achieving your dreams.



( Beyond Superyachts  )

While many see superyachts as recreational vessels, we see them as an array of possibilities to be grasped. This is why we don't limit ourselves to creating standard travel experiences and instead push our imagination to fully grasp the idea of Experiential Yachting. 


By changing the perception of yachting and using both superyachts and megayachts as vessels with a purpose, we shine by unlocking these yachts' human potential through carefully crafted travel experiences combining land and sea for yacht owners and charter guests.


Whether you want to explore the Italian Renaissance while cruising the Mediterranean, discover lost civilisations in the Caribbean, take part in the conservation of endangered marine species, embark on a treasure hunt to explore the underwater ruins of Cleopatra's sunken palace or even join a scientific mission to be part of a discovery, the only limit is the imagination. 

Image by redcharlie


( Pushing the Boundaries of Reality )

Our planet's oceans, seas, great lakes and rivers are marvels we often take for granted. They are home to both giant animals - of which, surprisingly, we know little about their lives-  and tiny organisms that are essential to life on Earth. Their depths enclose remains of ancient civilisations, wrecks and treasures, many of which remain lost and have shaped countless legends. All these cultural and natural wonders are there, waiting to be discovered. 


Imagine yourself travelling the world in search of the real Moby Dick during an epic expedition combining H.Melville's fiction with history, science and conservation to discover several endangered species of whales across the world. Or why not travel to remote locations with top scientists to participate in their research to understand the language of marine mammals or even withness the discovery of an ancient shipwreck?

Image by Rod Long


( Where No One Goes )

We don't see off-grid expeditions as mere trips to remote locations where very few go. We see them as inspiring adventures and human journeys. This is why we don't limit ourselves to creating itineraries for superyachts, but instead, we carve each voyage as a journey of marine and cultural encounters that will transform a cruise into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for our guests.


Whether we choose to travel around the Arctic circle or the Antarctic, to the Caribbeans, the Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean, each extraordinary adventure always starts with a single idea that is sometimes seen as impossible until we find the way to make it happen. That's when the real process begins.


Although these adventures are designed to captivate and inspire, creating them is a complex process that needs months of careful planning to preempt any unforeseen complications. From carrying out a complete assessment of the superyacht, identifying all potential routes and mapping them, completing climatology studies, assessing the training members of the crew will need to undergo, to planning for fueling and other needs, every single detail counts. It's only when all the expedition's logistics are in place that we start adding the magic.

Image by Marek Okon


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