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 Ariodante Travel Luxury


Murder Mystery

Travel back in time to the roaring twenties onboard a historical and luxurious steamship for the most extraordinary immersive murder mystery ever created and solve the crime before our cruise reaches the French Riviera.


FALL 2023

Ariodante Travel Luxury

"That is that damned Blue Train," said Lenox. Trains are relentless things, aren't they, Monsieur Poirot? People are murdered and die, but they go on just the same. I'm talking nonsense, but you know what I mean.


The Mystery of the Blue Train


Imagine you could open one of Agatha Christie's novels and, all of a sudden, find yourself into the book, cruising in the Mediterranean on board a magnificent steamship built in 1921 and, like Hercule Poirot, solve a complex mystery.

This brand-new fully immersive and luxurious Murder Mystery set in the 1920s goes way beyond the imagination. It is a tour de force lasting several days where nothing ever is what it seems. 

An adventure like no other to travel back in time to the roaring twenties to become the hero of your own adventure by solving a complex mystery and uncovering the murderer before he could strike again to cover his tracks.

The most extraordinary murder mystery cruise.jpg

Embark on a four-day cruise on the Mediterranean onboard one of the most magnificent 1920 vessels still existing for the adventure of a lifetime where the boundaries between fiction and reality will be totally blurred. An adventure where you will find yourself immersed in the roaring twenties trying to prevent a crime from happening.

Written by an award-winning author and inspired by the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, this new striking murder mystery will go beyond what you've ever imagined. Indeed, you will never really know when the mystery starts, who is real, or how each of your fellow travellers is involved. All you'll know is time is of the essence because anyone on board could be the next victim or ... the murderer(s).

Your adventure will begin months before our cruise starts when you will receive your invitation with the date and place of departure. Then, after an incredible 4-day-long Costumes Experience in Paris to create your whole 1920s wardrobe for the cruise, your adventure will start a few months later, in September or October 2023... or is it 1923?

Travel back in time a hundred years back to enjoy an extraordinary private visit to one of Italy's most famous ancient archaeological sites, taste the 1920s-inspired creations of 3 different famous 3 Michelin-starred chefs, all paired with vintage wines and luxury champagnes, dance during a charleston party on board the steamship and so much more. But be aware that this idyllic and lavish cruise hides many untold secrets and covert riddles as nothing is what it seems.

Image by Stepan Unar
Blinding Diamonds


A Game

From the very beginning, our passion for the arts and travel has taken us on the most unbelievable adventures.

Through every ultra-exclusive travel experience we devise, our members and their loved ones cherish precious memories to recall for the rest of their lives. This is the core that drives us to constantly surpass ourselves with each and every creation.

Image by Paul Gaudriault


( A Fully Immersive Mystery )

Ariodante’s founder and Colombian composer and conductor Ricardo Araujo has spent his life in the world of art and music. He brings with him the specialist contacts and knowledge that allows Ariodante to access the people, places and experiences that make each trip so special.

Encouraged by his artistic mother, Ricardo became proficient in music at an early age and debuted as a pianist with the Brussels’ Royal Conservatoire Orchestra at just 12 years old. Aged 17, he took on the role of 2nd musical director of the Colombian National Symphony Orchestra and since then, has conducted some of the best orchestras such as the Paris Opera House Orchestra.

Ricardo has also been involved in diplomatic, cultural and humanitarian projects working among others for Jacques Chirac and then leading several art projects with museums and also institutions such as UNICEF and the Rotary Club.

Decorated Gourmet Meal


( 3 Michelin Starred Dining )

We believe in travelling responsibly. Ariodante has, from the outset, actively supported the arts and our common cultural and natural heritage.

With mass travel increasing around our delicate world, putting in jeopardy some of our dearest treasures, and luxury travel focusing on comfort without regard for the environment, Ariodante has taken a different path –certainly more challenging - but one that makes a real difference.

From our active support for cultural, artistic and conservation projects, to our unwavering commitment.



The Mystery

Everything about this highly exclusive one-off adventure will be kept secret - unless you are among the 26 guests who receive an invitation with the date and place of departure.

Fill the form bellow to register your interest and secure your cabin at the earliest.

Winding Staircase

Regular Package for 2

The entire experience for 2 comprises a 4-day trip to Paris to create your 1920s wardrobe and the entire 4-day cruise on the Mediterranean in a regular cabin.

Included in your package: 6 nights in a luxury hotel (suite), your wardrobe for the game, as well as all your gastronomic meals and bespoke cocktails during the cruise.

From £350,000 (for 2)

Image by Becky Fantham

VIP  Package for 2

The VIP package gives you the same access as the Regular Packages, but you will be upgraded to a VIP cabin during the cruise and superior suites in hotels.

On top of that, you will enjoy  some complimentary experiences such as original 1920 classic cars and have your own game assistant

From £420,000 (for 2)


Full Buyout

Get all the available cabins of our magnificent 1920s superyacht (including 2 VIP cabins) and share this once in a lifetime murder mystery with your family and friends.

All your guests will enjoy the initial trip to Paris to create their wardrobe and you will then all meet to board the cruise.

From £3,850,000 (10 cabins for 2)

Image by Tim Marshall


Please fill out the form below to receive by email the brochure and pre-booking form for Ariodante's upcoming 1920 Murder at Sea.


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You will receive the murder mystery brochure and the pre-booking form by email shortly.

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