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 Ariodante Travel Luxury


Murder Mystery

Will you dare to travel through time and uncover an obscure mystery before the worst happens?



Ariodante Travel Luxury

Breakfast was a curious meal. Everyone was very polite…. Six people, all outwardly self-possessed and normal. And within? Thoughts that ran round in a circle like squirrels in a cage…. “What next? What next? Who? Which?


And Then There Were None


Forget everything you think you know about murder mystery games or even what you believe is possible or impossible

Imagine that you could time-travel to the Roaring Twenties or find yourself trapped in an Agatha Christie novel without even knowing when or how you got there. Does that sound like pure fiction?

In 2025... or rather, in 1925, a magnificent 1920s yacht will set sail for the French Riviera in just 4 days, carrying 26 passengers, all members of the international elite. But will the Mediterranean crossing be peaceful? How many passengers will disembark?

The most luxurious murder mystery ever created - Ariodante Travel

Following the success of 'The Mystery of the Blue Train' on the Historic Orient Express, Ariodante pushes the boundaries of what's possible, reaching unparalleled heights with this new instalment, the result of over a year of meticulous design, planning, and research..

Inspired by Agatha Christie's novels, "Murder at Sea" pushes the boundaries of immersion, luxury, and exclusivity to become a game in a class of its own. It's a 100% immersive murder mystery where fiction and reality intertwine unbeknownst to the players, with a subtle setup of the progressive storyline in the months leading up to the "official game." It's a captivating illusion of time travel to the 1920s, realised through an infinite number of details and real-time scenography worthy of a historical film, but where the player is the protagonist.

The scenario, conceived by a renowned mystery series writer and producer in collaboration with one of the greatest experts on Agatha Christie's work and an award-winning mystery writer, includes not only the plot and "scenes" but also numerous personal stories for each character and player, as well as individual missions that will shape the game.


Four months before our yacht sets sail, the adventure begins with a trip to Paris for each couple to create their entire 1920s wardrobe for the cruise. During those four or five days, we’ll assemble this unique wardrobe from original creations by some of the best fashion designers in the world, original pieces from the 1920s, and some cinema costumes from famous films and TV series.

Image by Stepan Unar
Murder At Sea, Ariodante's latest Murder Mystery opus


A Game

Pushing boundaries, testing our limits, solving mysteries… these are phrases we've all encountered countless times, often with little substance behind them. But what if these words could truly signify more than meets the eye, and the so-called 'promises' were in fact vast understatements?


A game that challenges the notion of what is possible and pushes the boundaries of immersion and luxury to heights never before attempted.

Murder At Sea, Ariodante's new immersive 1920 murder mystery


( Blurring the lines between fiction and reality )

What exactly is reality? Is it a construct of our mind that makes us assume what we perceive is real? Is it perhaps a 'truth' we are accustomed to believe, or is it all way more complicated than that?


‘Murder at Sea’ is a unique adventure replete with intrigues, treachery, deceptions, temptations, and threats that lurk in the shadows of the most opulent cruise ever created. Beneath the veneer of refinement and the elegance of a tranquil voyage towards the French Riviera, an obscure mystery imperils all aboard.


It all begins several months before the yacht sets sail when each passenger receives their invitation, detailing among others, the date and place of departure. Until that moment, every detail of the game will be kept secret from everyone.

1920 Haute Couture with Ariodante


( The greatest living artists recreating a bygone era )

"Murder at Sea" is much more than a fleeting game; it's a unique opportunity to assemble an exceptional collection of immeasurable value and rarity. 

On this occasion, several of the world's top fashion designers in the world will create, for the first time in their career, 1920s haute couture pieces for each passenger's wardrobe and an exceptional jeweller will accessorise those magnificent fashion masterpieces.


And for the game's winner... an invaluable work of art with a manufacturing value of several million dollars created by one of the greatest living artists using the 1920s as inspiration

Image by Jacques Dillies


( 3 of the greatest Michelin 3-starred chefs competing )

A game designed as one of the most incredible gastronomic experiences ever attempted to rediscover the flavours of a bygone era through the genius and creativity of three of the world's top Michelin-starred chefs. Each chef will imagine a unique menu (never to be repeated) inspired by the 1920s using a period ingredient.  Each menu will feature rare ingredients, sometimes derived from forgotten artisanal methods.

And because three exceptional chefs are not enough, one of the world's finest bartenders will be on hand to create bespoke 1920s cocktails, some using vintage spirits, and a renowned sommelier will select rare vintages and vintage champagnes.

Redefining Luxury  Vacation Ariodante Travel London



True to its reputation for entirely bespoke travel, Ariodante will carefully handcraft every detail of your mystery adventure, giving you endless possibilities and absolute freedom.

Your bespoke package will include, among others:

Signature Suites in luxury hotels in every destination

Transportation in luxury vehicles (Bentley or Rolls Royce) & and dedicated security detail

Original 1920-1930 classic cars to reach the yacht

Private cabin on board the yacht for 4 days (Master and VIP cabin available)

Personal Game Assistant to help with your investigation and the dressing

Hairdresser and stylist on board the yacht 

Personal stylist expert in the 1920s in Paris to help you with your wardrobe.

All logistics including luggage, security and concierge service throughout the duration of the game.

All meals, vintage wines and spirits, rare champagnes, and cocktails during the cruise 

Possibility of winning a one-of-a-kind artwork worth several millions.

Starting price (per couple) for the entire game: £1,350,000

(approx USD$1,715,000)

Image by Tim Marshall

The Mystery


Everything about this highly exclusive one-off adventure will be kept secret - unless you are among the 26 guests who receive an invitation with the date and place of departure.

Dare to discover what lies beyond?

Begin your voyage by scheduling a call with one of our dream-makers to discuss what your adventure might look like, or register your interest by completing the Booking Application Form.


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