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 Ariodante Travel Luxury

Frequently Asked Questions

Ariodante Travel FAQ. All the answers to your questions


You will find in this section the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What kind of company is Ariodante Travel and what kind of trips do you organise
    Ariodante Travel is not a travel agency per se. We are a very specialised travel concierge company geared to the cultured globetrotter, and we provide money-cannot-buy travel experiences for our ultra discerning members. Unlike traditional luxury travel agents, we don't negociate with providers to create ready-to-made package (luxury hotels, restaurants etc). What we do is way above that and we only work in a completely bespoke manner, meaning each one of our experiences, tours or sabbaticals is created from scratch using our member's passions and interests. Therefore each trip is absolutely unique and it's crafted down to the smallest detail. Through the years, we have established ourselves as of one the most luxurious and exclusive travel agent and the experiences we create are without a doubt, among the finest and most exclusive experiences in the world. More about our MEMBERSHIP
  • What is the difference between Luxury and Ultra-Luxury Travel?
    Although there is no real definition to what luxury travel as the definition is constantly evolving, we believe Luxury Travel is about the experience you get rather than just the price you pay for it. Today, you can find five-stars hotels and luxury providers everywhere but when you look closely, what they offer and the service their provide there can be giganctic differences. This is why the term "luxury" doesn't mean much as everyone brands himself "luxurious" to try to apeal to afluent customers. At Ariodante our aim is to elevate ourselves and rely on what we believe has been the essence of luxury for centuries: exclusivity, rarity, flawless quality and above all else, elevation above the ordinary. This is why we work tiresly to provide what we could call: "a service beyond luxury". This means each one of our ultra-luxurios experiences is not only perfect but goes beyond what our member's expectations. When visiting a famous museum we don't buy a spik-the-line ticket and get a good guide. We open the museum exclusively for our client so he can have a complete private visit (even see areas of the museum that always remain closed to the public) and we bring for the visit the curator of the museum or even a world renowned expert and at the end, we create a special dining experience surounded by the art work so our client can enjoy a meal prepared only for him and his guests by a Michelin stared chef. This is just an example of what Ultra-Luxury travel is.
  • Why are you one of the best and most luxurious travel companies in the world?
    Our goal is not to compete or even to be know. Instead we work tiresly to exeed our members expectation. From the very beginning, we've achieve a level of quality very few agencies in the world have because we don't compromise with quality and this is why we work exclusively for ultra-discerning individuals and their families. Our travel experiences are so unique and exeptional that often the press hears about some of then and they have branded us as "the most luxurions agency in the world".
  • How much does travel with Ariodante cost
    This question is impossible to answer because everything we do is 100% bespoke and created exclusively for each client. That being said, our service are extremely high-end and we only work for ultra-affluent individuals because they are able for afford the level of luxury we provide and can easily spend several hundreds of thousands of dollars a day when they travel. What matters to us isn't the price but the quality so this is why we work with "no-limit' budgets. As we only use private jets, helicopters, superyachts and high-luxury vehicles in our trips, the bill is way higher from what normal luxury travel agents propose.
  • Who are Ariodante's clients?
    As a discrete and niche ultra-luxury travel concierge, Ariodante has created countless tours and experiences for international clients ranging from multi-million hedge fund managers, top CEOs, philanthropists, art collectors, to senior members of Royal Families. Of course, our absolute confidentiality policy doesn't allow to share any information about our members and clients or even about what we create for them.
  • What kind of private visits can you arrange
    The short answer is we can arrange private visits mostly to every cultural institution in the world. From famous museums like the Louvre or the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the Ufize Galery in Florence, the Prado museum in Madrid or even the Vatican Museums in Rome, we have an incredible black-book and excellent relations with most of the great museums in the world. We can also organise private visits to places like the Palace of Versailles, the Mont-Saint-Michel, Hamptom Court Palace and even to the Archeological Pack of Pompeii in Italy. In fact, with enough time, we can arrange for you visit privately any cultural institution you want. On top of that we have access to countless places few people know exist, private art collections or even very secretive places such as the Secret Archives of the Vatican. You car read our Travel Note about private visits HERE and also one about a Private Visit to the painted caves of France HERE.
  • Why do you use private jets for your tours and sabbaticals?
    For us Private Jets are the norm in our tours and sabbaticals simply because they allow us to have a complete flexibility and because we can reach any airport we need in the world. Often when we travel to remote locations it is incredibly complicate to find a commercial airline that deserves those small airports and when they do, they are unable to provide any comfort. Then, in order to save time, we often use small airport to land as close as possible to our destination. Then, by using Private Jets we can safe our clients a lot of time while traveling in the utmost luxurious environement available.
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