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At Ariodante we believe the ultimate luxury lies upon what can’t be measured. It is quality time, dazzlement and meaningful moments who can remain forever. 


Our unique experiences catalogue goes beyond our customers' dreams. It’s designed to provide you with access to locations not usually accessible. We can take you to visit the backstage of an opera house, inaccessible parts of a monument or even behind the doors of usually closed rooms, and this without neglecting any single detail.


While most of tourism services providers simply propose visiting famous buildings, we at Ariodante take our clients into a meaningful journey through art.

Uniqueness, Exclusiveness and meaningful unforgettable moments, this is what Ariodante creates for you.

A strong commitment as patron of arts and culture

Ariodante is a luxury travel concierge service and we specialized in creating bespoke experiences around arts and culture. We work for selected high-net-worth individuals who trust us with their trips to Europe.


We are not a traveling agency or sell any sort of standard touristic packages because we want to provide our clients with what we do best and what they won't find anywhere else: Creating extraordinary and memorable moments for them, their families and friends.


Our catalogue is articulated around eight themes: Art & Culture, Music & Opera, Romantic, Adventure, For Women, For Kids, For Adults and Outside the City and can offer countless complementary services to match the requirements of our international clients.


Our mission is to devote ourselves to fulfill our clients' dreams when they plan a trip to Europe.

We imagine unique experiences taking into consideration our clients passions and wishes and then take care of every single detail to make it all happen smoothly.

We can create a single experience or a whole trip where we will take you into a memorable journey through art and culture. 


Because we understand our clients' needs and expectations, we work tirelessly to give you simply the best. In today's fast-speed world where we struggle to take the time to enjoy a precious moment, we want to allow you the exquisite luxury of letting you enjoy the present moment while you are with us.



Shery, Austin 

It is so far one of our best family memories. An incredible experience full of surprises and dazzling moments. My daughter will never forget those horses and the emotions when being allowed to ride them.

Daniel, London

We could never imagine being able to visit such incredible places and discover the life and work of the monks living there and even less to see all those incredible rooms and secret corridors. 

Charlotte, New York

When my husband told me we will be dining in the bedroom of a king in a castle I though it was a joke but Ariodante made it happen and arrange the most amazing and romantic evening ever. Thank you so much for all that amazing hard work.