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Bespoke Ultra-Luxury Travel Experiences and Tours in Europe and all over the World


Have you ever wanted to peek behind the theatre curtains? Unlock the door to a spectacular castle? Or unravel the mysteries behind a magnificent masterpiece?

Now you can...


Ariodante is more than just a luxury travel concierge service. We offer handcrafted ultra-luxury experiences to the World’s most discerning individuals, indulging your curiosity and creating meaningful and unrivalled experiences within the art world.


With unparalleled access to the finest castles, museums, galleries and art gems of Europe and all over the World, our extraordinary and unique experiences will surprise and delight you.


Imagine being up close and personal with the brushstrokes of a famous artist, sharing a room where a King and Queen once slept, or enjoying dinner at the foot of a famous monument with a Nobel Prize Winner author. Our immersive art and cultural experiences allow your dreams to be made a reality. It is as if you are composing your own symphony or creating your own priceless masterpiece.

Open the doors to all the secret places in the Vatican including the mysterious secret archives with Ariodante Luxury Travel



The Ariodante difference is in the detail. Everyone can visit a museum. But few can have a private visit. And fewer still a sumptuous meal beneath the artwork, with the museum’s curator or a renowned artis.


Your Ariodante journey is within you. Our experiences and tours are not just about art – but the art of living. 

We get to know you and shape a made-to-measure luxury experience around your dreams and desires. 

We unwrap artistic, cultural and historic places in a meaningful way. Never off the peg.


Every one of our immersive experiences is guided by an expert, who we call the ‘the living memory’ of a place. 


This could be a direct relative of a historical figure, a Nobel Prize-winning author, a famous painter or even a former Head of State. 


Unlike conventional tour guides, this brings an unrivalled human connection to your custom-made experience.


An Ariodante experience isn’t the path less travelled – it’s the path never before seen. 


We are able to access locations that some of the best luxury travel companies and hotel concierges cannot - and often have no idea even exist. 


Through Ariodante you can experience private art collections, hidden monuments and secret places that no one has visited before.

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The luxury of a private visit to the Louvre in Paris guided by the museum's curators


Discover some of our past experiences, tours and some upcoming and future projects so you can have a better idea of what we can create for your next vacation

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”



Our team of expert travel advisors is constantly on hand taking care of each members’ trips. However big or small, however close or far – bestowing back upon them the most precious gift of all, time and always turning travelling into something precious and meaningful.

'Thank you so much for those incredible and unforgettable couple of days. I’ve never experience such a feeling of rarity and wonder. You achieved the exploit of showing me what’s beyond the luxury I’ve been used to and I doubt I could ever enjoy anything less than your flawless perfection and refinement '

The Most Luxurious

Heliski Adventure

Exquisitely Unique

These are some of our coveted ultra-luxury travel experiences and tours

Discover countless secret places in Paris no one can access such as a private visit inside the dome of the Invalides


By Ariodante

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