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Founded out of a passion for arts and culture and to bring something really meaningful to people's lives by opening some of the most inaccessible doors in Europe.

We are a concierge service company creating bespoke travel experiences to take our clients into an inspiring journey through arts and culture.

We have created an unrivaled experiences catalogue designed for like-minded individuals seeking something simply unique 

Secrets and Magic of the Paris Opera House

As one of the most famous opera houses in the world, the Paris Opera House remains a place of legends and fascination.

This is why at Ariodante we decided to open the theatre's doors for our clients and show them not only what they already know but what's backstage.


This is how we took some clients to visit the "lake" underneath the building where the legend of the Phantom of the Opera began.


Then unique places like the "cabestans" room, fifteen meters below the stage to discover the heart of the machinery of the 19th century and a visit of the world-renowned sewing workshops of the Paris Opera House ballet costumes are created. All that guided by a renowned expert of the building and a conductor.


A one day Business trip to Paris

We created for one of our clients a complete tailored set of experiences for a short day-trip to Paris.


After greeting them both on the tarmac of the airport we organize their separated transportation.

While he went to his business meetings, one of Ariodante's companion-guide spent the day with the client's wife for a bespoke cultural and shopping experience where she was able to have a private visit of one of the most important fashion museums in Paris, followed by a shopping experience with a personal shopper and finally a spa-experience created entirely for her.


Their day ended with a private dinner cooked by a Michelin Star chef just for them while learning about this chef's passion and experience.


The restoration of an English baroque jewel 

In 2018 we were able to take some of our clients into the restoration of what's been referred as the "Sistine Chapple of the United Kingdom", the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College of Greenwich. 

Walking only two meters below the painting ceiling where the restoration was unfolding before their eyes.


This was a unique chance for art lovers. A once in a lifetime experience learning from the artists and experts involved in this restoration of this amazing jewel of English baroque art. 


An intimate journey through art

When we rang to the door of a young talented artist atelier we never imagined how things turned up at the end.


During one of our recent experiences for art collectors, we manage to bring our client to meet some talented young painters directly in their ateliers.

This was, of course, a great opportunity for our client to share and speak with them about their art and their passion.


What we weren't expecting was to see one of those artists create a real bound with our client and then end up offering him a sketch-portrait of him he drew while they were chatting.   



The party who made history

For his wedding anniversary, one of our clients asked us to create for him and his wife the most outstanding experience possible in a historical castle.


We decided to recreate for them a party mirroring a famous historical party of the 18th century and sent the invites to their closest friends as they requested.


From the guests' arrival through the usually closed front gate of the castle to the majestic 18th-century supper to the fireworks, everything was there to dazzle everyone. The last surprise came once all the guests left and the couple then remained for a night in the castle.


Tell us about the trip of your dreams and let us make it happen

We believe exceptional moments, like masterpieces, are priceless as they last forever and this is precisely what Ariodante wish to give you.​

Whatever you dream of spending the night in a king's bed, unlock those usually closed doors of museums or historical palaces, enjoy the most meaningful gastronomic experience or simply discover a region in Europe like never before, Ariodante will make it happen. 

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Ariodante Ltd. is a limited company with a registered office at 25 Sackville Street, London W1S 3XA. Registered in England. Registered number: 08955276. VAT number GB 331143548