Ariodante Travel experiences for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals across Europe

When we want something simply extraordinary that no one other luxury travel agency or concierge service in the world can create.

When traditional trips as just not good enough for you as you want to push away the boundaries or what can be done.

We have created some outstanding and unrivalled cross-region VIP travel experience for those like you who want more than the best.

Each one of those experiences requires weeks of planning and involves countless experts (historians, artists and more) to get it right and you can be assured we will leave no stone unturned to give you the most outstanding luxury art experience in the world.

Whatever you choose a several-days trip experience to explore the life and work of an artist you love or a period of history you are passionate about or you want to have to see a special exhibition and go way beyond what the gallery or museum can offer, we can create everything. 

Your private jet awaits you

These are some of the incredible cross-region experiences we have for you in Europe.

Whatever you want to enjoy the best exhibitions in Europe in a whole new way as even wealthy individuals can't or prefer to have a complete and incredible 'art-vacation' lasting several days to explore indeed the life and work of an artist or a historical event, we are able to give you what no one else can.


Some other of our VIP Cross-Region Experiences to give you more ideas of what we can create for you.

All you need is to tell us what you want to do, what you like or the kind of things you would like to discover and we will take care of everything, creating for you something tailored with the best we can offer.

The jewels of the Gothic

Exploring the Gothic art through the most beautiful buildings of this period and some art collections.

Milan, Reims, Paris, Amiens, Chartres, Brussels, Kholl, London, Cambridge and so many more.

The 2WW and the allied victory

With this experience, we will take you to visit some of the most significant sites of the 2WW but also to some incredible adventures to discover in real what you can barely find in books. France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

In the footsteps of the Impressionists painters

Visit the most important art collections and discover their life. Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Cezanne, Renoir... 

Amsterdam, Paris, Giverny, Aix-en-Provence and many other locations.

Discover our exclusive experiences in the French Riviera
Discover our Heritage experiences

Discover our exclusive experiences in Paris

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