With an Ariodante Game, you can jump from the back seat to the driver's seat. Enjoy a luxurious baroque banquet in the 17th century Versailles, climb onboard the legendary Orient Express to solve a crime or enjoy a garden party with Renoir in his own house. 

Be one of our fe guests and get ready to travel back in time for an extraordinary adventure.

When travelling becomes an amazing adventure through time. When suddenly you feel you are part of a movie but it's all real.

With Ariodante's incredible games and events, you will be transported into a world of wonders. From incredible immersive murder mysteries of a new kind to treasure hunts or ghosts hunts, from historical parties to exclusive escape games, we will constantly push forward the boundaries of what's possible to give you new incredible adventures to live.

Here are our upcoming events and if you want to be kept informed on our future yet non announced events, please send un a message.

Saturday, January 18th 2020


Sunday, May 17th 2020

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A 1920's fully immersive Murder Party on board of the historic Orient-Express

"The world's most luxurious murder mystery vacation"



Inspired by the novels of Agatha Christie,  we have designed a unique fully immersive murder party set in the 1920s where you will have to investigate and solve the mystery. A luxurious train where things are not as simple as they sometimes appear.


Will you be able to solve the mystery and discover the motives of the murderer who might be still on board of the train covering his tracks? Is it one of your fellow travellers or perhaps one of the extraordinary musicians who will be performing for you in the bar of the train decorated by René Lalique and René Prou?


This is a once in a lifetime experience who will take you into a thriller movie of the 1920s


Let us have a chat over the phone so you can tell us about your next vacation, your dreamed trip and when you would like to travel. 

Then, simply relax and let us handcraft an exceptional journey for you, your family or your friends. 

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