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Once you've seen it all, the most famous museums, palaces and historic places in Europe and beyond, how could you possibly have something more?

Imagine if we could take you back in time to live that history and, somehow, drag you into history like if you were inside of a movie?

This exactly what we can do for you. A journey out of time to have an extraordinary experience where you will become the hero down the rabbit hole of history.


A 1920's fully immersive Murder Party on board of the historic Orient-Express

Paris - Nice

Saturday, January 18th 2020 - SOLD OUT

Paris - Nice

End of April/beginning of May 2020 

Date to be announced soon.

Since 1881 the Orient-Express represents more than a luxury way of living. It became a legend where royalty, artists and wealthy individuals used to meet and travel to the most beautiful locations. The Blue Train was among those luxury trains linking London, Paris and French Riviera


This is the historic train you will board in Paris for a unique gastronomic experience unless...


Inspired by the novels of Agatha Christie,  we have designed a unique fully immersive murder party set in the 1920s where you will have to investigate and solve the mystery. A luxurious train where things are not as simple as they sometimes appear.


Will you be able to solve the mystery and discover the motives of the murderer who might be still on board of the train covering his tracks? Is it one of your fellow travellers or perhaps one of the extraordinary musicians who will be performing for you in the bar of the train decorated by René Lalique and René Prou?


This is a once in a lifetime experience who will take you into a thriller movie of the 1920s




"The world's most luxurious murder mystery vacation"



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