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Green-Travel Initiative

Luxury Travel wile protecting the environment. Ariodante Green-Travel Initiative



It is our sacred duty to care for our planet. So our children and grandchildren can experience the beauty of Mother Earth.


We believe that change is possible. We constantly challenge ourselves to create ultra-luxury travel experiences with the greatest comfort imaginable, whilst minimizing our impact on the environment and by doing so, show that luxury travel can be sustainable and responsible.

Plastic waste in the ocean
Reducing plastic waste

A commitment to prevent plastic pollution

New tree blooming - Offsetting carbon footprint
Offsetting the carbon footprint

A commitment to reduce and offset our carbon impact

Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty



Launching in 2018 with a mission to reduce the dependency of single-use plastic items in the superyacht industry, it is an initiative that encourages yachts to take an active role in protecting our oceans.


Ariodante is proud to support this Global initiative and is strongly committed to preserving the oceans in all our experiences and tours. Not only do we fully adhere to the Clear Ocean Pact, but we always do our utmost to go above and beyond the guidelines; even when we are not at sea.


We believe it is our duty to do always more, not only for our clients, but for the countless projects we support and of course for our planet. This is why we always do all we can to remove the use of single-use plastic items and find ways to replace them with sustainable items.



To avoid any use of plastic bottled drinking water onboard

To filter and safely dispose of all washing machine microplastic waste

To eliminate the use of all single-use plastic items with readily available alternatives, starting with the items due to be banned by the EU in 2021

To reduce the use of single-use plastic toiletries onboard

To actively source provisions with low single-use plastic footprint packaging

In all our travel experiences and tours we carefully respect those 5 simple measures and always try to go beyond and remove all plastic items when it is possible and, as a responsible company, we always ensure all our providers follow the same guidelines and code of conduct.

Blue Ocean and waves


Climate change is perhaps the biggest threat we face and, although it seems an invisible danger often denied my many, we strongly believe it is in everyone's power to take action to mitigate the impact we have on the climate.


Climate change is increasingly affecting environments and people around the World. We know our travel experiences and tours have a higher Carbon Footprint than average trips. This is why we do everything in our power to reduce this impact by choosing the most carbon-efficient transport methods available but also by offsetting our carbon footprint by at least 200%. 


Responsible Travel

The luxury travel industry rarely pays much attention to their carbon footprint as their primary focus is the client's comfort. We believe it is possible to do both.


Ariodante will never take the easy path. We believe in offering the highest quality with the assurance that you will always travel responsibly. This is paramount for us. We are constantly doing all we can to reduce our carbon emissions, pollution and the impact on the environment. We are proud to have a positive carbon footprint whilst ensuring the utmost comfort at all times.


When choosing a private jet we select only efficient aircrafts flying with bio-fuel, when choosing our vehicles we make sure they have the lowest pollution levels and when choosing a provider, we ensure they comply with our environmentally high standards.


Ultra-Luxe travel is possible and Ariodante will never compromise either with the quality and comfort of a trip or with the environmental impact it has.

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