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Creating the Perfect Bespoke Travel Experience takes time and dedication. Creating the Perfect Luxurious Art Travel Tour takes it to a higher level with a great amount of passion. 


As our team of experts create an experience, new ideas popup and often become projects we pursue to inspire our members to embark on a new adventure.


Here are some of those current and future projects to inspire you.


The Mystery of Van Gogh's Ear

A several days tour across the Netherlands, Belgium and France to unveil the intimacy of one the most famous and tormented artists ever. A chance to try to understand the reasons that pushed him to cut his own ear in Arles.

Michelangelo's Demons The Louvre - Slave


Michelangelo's Demons

Although his name, as is his work , eternal and well known to everyone, do we really know the man behind all the sublime masterpieces he created?


The Napoleonic Saga

Almost 200 years after his death in exile, Napoleon still fascinates us and his incredible destiny inspires us.



Your own Monte-Carlo Historic rally

Get yourself behind the wheel of an original beautiful vintage race car to recreate the Classic Monte-Carlo Rally and discover some of the most landscapes of the Riviera


Shakespeare's Enigma

To truly discover and unravel the mysteries behind the World's greatest dramatist there is no better way other than diving into his plays

The Borgias_ Alexander, Cesar & Lucrezia


The Borgias: Pope Alexander, Cesare & Lucrezia

Intrigue, poisoning, depravity, incest, corruption... The Borgias represents all this and more... but who were they really?



A Poetic Cruise on Ulysses' footsteps

Sequel to the 'Iliad', The 'Odyssey' is Homer's 2nd epic poem and tells Ulysses' voyage home after the battle of Troy. A journey we seek to recreate.



Primitive Art

A rare and incredible tour to discover the art of the first men and how our ancestors perceived the World.


Sunken cities of the Mediterranean

Hidden at the bottom of the Mediterranean there lie ruins and even entire cities for you to explore.

Churchill V-Day crowd WW2-min.jpg


Exploring World War 2

How did it all happen? This is the question we will try to answer with this one of a kind tour exploring the darkest hours of humankind.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the things you did


Image by Madeline Bowen



One of the greatest artists of all time. Vincent Van Gogh was a visionary artist who suffered from mental health and often neglected his physical wellbeing. An artist remembered today by many for his famous ‘sunflowers’ and for cutting his ear, but who was he?


Unveil all the mysteries of his legend by visiting the places where he lived and worked and get to meet several experts of The Master.

Who was Vincent Van Gogh? How did he became a painter and why did he persist despite no one appreciating his work? Was he crazy? Did he really cut his ear? If so….why?


The journey begins with his childhood in the Netherlands and the ‘birth of his artistic career’ near Mons in Belgium. We head to Montmartre, where he met with many other Impressionist painters, to Arles and his tumultuous friendship with Gaugain and the tragic episode of his self-mutilation. We complete the tour where he spent his last days in Auvers-sur-Oise, north of Paris.


An extraordinary art expedition in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh to reveal his touching personality and demons.




Michelangelo was not a child prodigy like other famous artists but, while suffering from chronic osteoarthritis which left his fingers twisted at the end of his life, he continued to sculpt, paint and even drew up plans for St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.


A workaholic artist and poet who rose above the Italian Renaissance. His legacy being some of the most famous and beautiful masterpieces in history. This is the man we want you to understand in this exquisite art tour throughout Italy, and then Paris, Bruges and London, get to see some of the few artworks outside of Italy.




He was born in Corsica from a relatively modest Italian family from minor nobility, yet through his outstanding military and political genius, rose to conquer Europe and become Emperor of France.


Follow the incredible destiny of this man with the ambition of a Titan who created an empire from the ashes of the French Revolution and established the basis of modern France.


From the Military Academy of Brienne le Chateau and Paris, to the Siege of Toulon and the Revolution and his numerous victories across Europe and his final defeat at Waterloo.


A fantastic and exclusive travel experience that will take you inside some of the most beautiful palaces in France as well as many places closed to the public that will open their doors for you.




Since 1911, the Monte Carlo Rally has been one of the most celebrated sports events in the World. Now you can enjoy a very special version Ariodante has created, to celebrate The 60th Anniversary of Mercedes-Benz winning the first, second and third place of the 1960 Edition.


A historical wink to the 1899 car race organized in Nice when Emil Jellinek drove under the pseudonym ‘Monsieur Mercédès’ creating the famous brand.


Behind the wheel of a vintage car of your choosing, we will take you on a tailored race led by a famous pilot through the most beautiful roads of The French Riviera and the iconic landmarks of the Rally such as the Col de Turini.

Image by Anthony DELANOIX



In the words of Charles Dickens: 'The life of Shakespeare is a fine mystery, and I tremble every day lest something should turn up.’ 


Secretive in both life and death, Shakespeare has remained an elusive figure countless scholars have tried in vain to grasp. He left behind little documentation — no letters, no handwritten manuscripts, few contemporary accounts, and only six signatures, all spelt differently.


However, his immortal works (39 plays and 154 poems) remain and it contains not only his own story but also his version of the story of several Kings and Queens.


Embark with us on a journey through William Shakespeare's plays and poems to discover kings such as John, Henry V, Richard III, Henry VIII, historic figures such as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and legendary characters such as Hamlet, Othello, Sir John Falstaff and Romeo and Juliet.


We will take you on a quest to discover the man behind the legend.

From his home in Stratford-upon-Avon to Oxford, the National Library, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and so many other places of importance.  




The noble family from Aragon, The Borgias stepped into history when Rodrigo Borgia was elected Pope taking the regal name of Alexander VI. The rest we think we know.


The dark legend of the Borgias spread throughout Rome. The Pope’s enemies invented numerous defamations to take them down….but were they really false?


Discover the truth behind the legend of the Borgias with an incredible tour through the Rome of the 15th century and the corridors of power of the Catholic Church. A tale of passion, intrigue, murder and corruption in the Italian Renaissance. 




Ulysses’ travels lasted ten years in the Odyssey and ever since Homer wrote his beautiful epic poem in the 8th century BC, scholars and explorers have tried to recreate Ulysses journey. From the fiction of Homer’s poetry to reality, this is what you can expect with this sumptuous cruise through the Mediterranean in search of cyclops, sirens, giants and more.


The Odyssey. Our cruise starts in the mythical city of Troy where the Iliad ends. Located in current Turkey, Troy may not be the majestic city described by Homer in his tale, exaggeration is everywhere in the poem; distance might not be in years but merely days and giants might not be as tall as suggested but this does not mean we cannot believe and dream.


From Turkey to Greece, Tunisia to Malta, Spain and Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia), our poetic cruise will take you to visit not only incredible natural and mythological sites, but you will also see and explore the most beautiful ancient ruins around the Mediterranean. Cross paths with artists such as James Joyce and historical figures such as Alexander the Great and Empress Elizabeth (Sissi) in Corfu.




After visiting the Altamira cave paintings in northern Spain, Pablo Picasso famously exclaimed “after Altamira, all is decadence”. He was not kidding.


The incredible art we can find in caves such as Lascaux, Chauvet, Altamira, Fumane and others across Europe are among the greatest pieces of art ever created. They provide a vivid insight into the way that people thought and saw the world surrounding them, tens of thousands of years ago.


As we want you to immerse yourself into the life of those first men when embarking on this unique Prehistoric Art Tour, we are creating one of our finest travel experiences. A tour to visit the famous sites in France, Spain and Portugal to give you the rare privilege of entering (privately) into some caves which are never open to the public and some breathtaking open-air sites few people ever visit.


And if you would like to go beyond this already extraordinary tour, we can create something for you to experience other incredible sites in Russia, South America, Asia and Africa.




There are more treasures in the Mediterranean than we may think, some of which lie at the bottom of the sea. Sunken ruins and even cities sleep undisturbed by millions of tourists visiting. They are unbelievable treasures that appear out of time.


Enjoy an incredible underwater experience in Egypt and discover the ruins of the lost Palace of Cleopatra, or perhaps indulge in an even greater experience to discover some of the other sunken cities of the Mediterranean.


Whatever your passion, whether it be the excitement of scuba diving or enjoying the comfort of a private submarine, we will take you to discover any of those astonishing and unusual ancient sites guided by archaeologists and art historians.




In her address to the Nation to mark the 75th anniversary of VE day, H.M The Queen asked to “never give up, never despair” remembering the immense sacrifices of the Second World War. She said ‘…their lasting legacy is that countries who were once sworn enemies are now friends, working together side by side for the peace, health and prosperity of us all’.


As Her Majesty correctly said, World War 2 changed the World. The atrocities and sufferings of millions of people during a six-year conflict must never be forgotten. To succeed, we must understand how it began and unfolded.


This is precisely what we want to do with this extensive tour throughout Europe. Whatever your focus may be, whether it be a specific topic or historical figure or whether you wish to have a tour embracing it all, our goal is to take you with us on an incredible journey through the darkest hours of humankind without taboo or bias. Instead, we will make sure you can not only visit incredible places, some of which are closed to the public, but also meet with people and experts that are the living memory of the war.



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