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“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands 

Sir Richard Burton

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Our unique franchise opportunity

There aren't many franchise opportunities in the luxury sector or in the travel sector per se.

Even less, franchises really involved with arts and culture. 


There aren’t many franchises opportunities where each franchise is part of a real network, each one helping each other as a team.


Today, Ariodante Ltd is changing its business model becoming a franchise and offering a unique business opportunity to a selected few like-minded, dynamic and talented entrepreneurs. 


Our ambition is to open a franchise in every single region in Europe and the Mediterranean to propose outstanding and priceless travel experiences to the elite and, by doing so, actively support the arts and cultural institutions.

In order to provide our clients with the catalogue of the most meaningful and exquisite experiences Ariodante is expanding as a franchise to be able to have an agent in every single region in Europe and around the Mediterranean sea.  

The Opportunity

A brief overview of our unique franchise opportunity and the benefits you will be entitled to upon signature.


General details about the investment terms, our royalties system and what we are looking for in our franchisees.

Join us

Fill the dedicated contact form and we will examine your application and get back to you shortly after.

A chance to become part of a successful network supporting the culture

Once you become one of Ariodante’s franchisees we will help you to start and provide you with everything you’ll need in order to be successful and start making money as soon as possible.


Unlike many other franchises where each franchisee is on his own once he has launched, at Ariodante we work as a team all along because we want you to succeed.


As a services franchise Ariodante will be by your side handling part of your daily operations and taking care of the global marketing, PR and advertisement so each franchisee will be able to allocate more time and resources to what really matters: our clients.

Upon signature, you will receive among others


Advise and support to create your own experience catalogue.

Advice and guidance to tailor each experience according to our clients standard.

Advice and support to create your services catalogue.

Advice and guidance to recruit your services providers and support to negotiate partnerships.

One to one meeting with Ariodante’s founder including at your location.

Full training in operations as well as training for your team, mostly your guides-companions.

Complete automated software solution for all operations.

Software licenses and email addresses for 2 members of your team.

Social Media coverage to +90k Instagram followers.


Basic stationery.


What we are looking for in our franchisees

We are looking for like-minded, dynamic and ambitious entrepreneurs who have a true passion for arts, history, and culture.

International profiles, ideally with experience in the luxury industry, with outstanding social skills.

Individuals having a deep understanding of the culture of their region.

And of course, the ability to take up challenges and deliver outstanding results.

The Investment needed

We have divided Europe and the Mediterranean region into territories and classified them in categories according to their cultural potential and their financial opportunity they represent.​

Total Investment Required

Between £14,600 and £27,000 *


8% of turnover

Marketing Fee

3% to 4% of turnover

Entry Fee

Between £10,000 and £19,500 *

Training and Setting-up

Between £2,400 and £3,500 *

Monthly Admin Fee

Between £2,200 and £4,000 *

No other investment needed

* Special regions such as Great London, Paris Ile-de-France, Rome and Vienna are excluded. Price on request




Click on the link below to fill our application form and we will come back to you shortly to start the selection process

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