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Every one of our immersive experience is guided by an expert, what we call 'the living memory' of a place. This could be the grandson of a famous historical figure, a Nobel Prize-winning author, a famous painter or the artistic director of the institution we are visiting. Unlike conventional tour guides, this brings an unrivalled human connection to your custom-made experience

An Ariodante experience isn't the path less travelled - it's the path never before seen. We are able to access areas and places other concierge companies cannot. Through Ariodante you can experience private art collections, hidden monuments and secret places that no one has ever visited.


Focus on two of our new regions

We want to be able to create the best possible experiences for our members and our clients and, in order to achieve this, we are opening new offices in some of Europe's most beautiful and interesting regions. Here are our latest additions for you to discover.

Discover some of our exclusive travel experiences in Paris

Discover some of our exclusive travel experiences in the French Riviera


Our exclusive 'Heritage' experiences

Ariodante not only creates incredible travel experiences. We also support some important heritage projects. With our HERITAGE experiences, a significant part of the total price is donated to the cultural institution we partnered with and that donation is used to  fund the project chosen by Ariodante.


Some of our experiences are in partnership with the UNESCO and the World Heritage Program of which Ariodante is an active donor.

Some of our past experiences

We like to believe our only limitation is our imagination and this is why we are able to create some of the most amazing experiences in the world. But as we don't only care about amazing things but also about the smallest details, you will be able to enjoy the most luxurious experiences ever.

Here are just a few of our past experiences for you to have an idea of what we can do for you

For an American client passionated by Winston Churchill we created in London an outstanding one day-long experience with a private breakfast in his War Cabinet followed by a lunch with one of Churchill’s living relatives in the room where he founded a political club and then reached Blenheim Palace by helicopter to a private visit of Churchill’s birthplace and diner with another of Churchill's descendants.



For a different client, we opened the secret reserves of one of the most important museums in Europe for a unique visit of the hidden treasures of the museum and then to see a restoration with the curator of the Medieval Collections of the museum.



In Paris, we created an experience opening the doors of a famous luxury french brand ateliers for the wife of a client and then took them together to see the original of one of the most precious historical documents dating from the French Revolution.



For a small group clients we created several experiences for a 3 day trip to Florence and Tuscany where we organised a private visit to a family-owned prestigious vineyard to meet the owners and learn about winemaking and then opened two of the most important museums in Florence  for a unique private visit and a dinner in front of one of the Renaissance's masterpieces.


For a client, passionated with music, we made his dream of becoming a conductor a reality in a full-day long experience where an international conductor thought him everything he needed to then conduct for real a leading orchestra in a Mozart's symphony.


When an American client who had a relative who fought in the 2nd World War asked us to take him where the Dragoon Operation took place, we created for him a two days-long incredible experience where he was able to see some remaining fortifications of the Maginot Line (closed to the public) and meet the son of one of the soldiers who fought there and, on the 2nd day, we took them to meet the daughter of the lady who helped his relative when he was stationed with the 6th fleet. The experience ended with a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive an original 2WW tank.


In Egypt, we created a truly unique experience on the footsteps of Cleopatra with, among others, an incredible visit to the ruins of what we think was her palace which is now under the water. So we simply took an exploration submarine to take the family of 3 there, to the underwater palace of the Queen of Egypt.


We have also arranged a private visit to a famous castle where the clients met with one of the members of the royal family of that country and he became their guide for the visit.